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Welcome to – it’s our aim to help punters decide which betting sites are going to offer them the best value and which ones they should steer clear of.

Well for starters we’ve assembled, what we believe to be, some of the most comprehensive bookmaker reviews you’ll find anywhere on the web. Our review process and all bookmaker scores are outlined if you follow the previous link and we think you’ll agree when you read them that few websites go into more depth about each site as we do.

Not only have reviewed each bookmaker on features though… oh no… we’ve also gone through and rated each new customer offer available, pointing out key terms and conditions to be aware of, and comparing the value each betting site offers when compared to it’s rivals. Again you can check those ratings out using the previous link.

On top of all this we write a regularly updated blog which covers important topics such as how to file a complaint against an online bookmaker, how do online bookmaker make money and how much profit do bookmakers earn. Check back for regular updates on industry specific topics and tips and tricks for staying safe as an online punter.

Who Are We?

IdentificationDave Thompson

Based in the North East of England, and a fully fledged Newcastle United supporter, Dave T. has worked in the online gambling industry for a little over 12 years now. He started life a professional poker player and moved from that to successfully carving out a living trading betting exchanges.

He’s now a full time content writer and editor at and oversee’s the day to day running of the site as well as maintaining our blog. Dave has written and rated all the bookmakers you see listed on this site so if you disagree be sure the get in touch and let him know why.

IdentificationTommy Sandbatch

Cheshire. Tommy is our tech guy and coder. He’s responsible for mainting the site, ensuring page load speeds are on point and implementing any design changes. He’s got a background in computer science having studied at the University of Nottingham and although not the keenest of gamblers he’s one of the best in the business in his field.

If anything’s wrong with the site it’s Tommy’s fault and we love nothing more than ribbing him when he’s forgotten to close a div tag or he’s got the wrong url in a link so please do let us know if you find any issues on site.

IdentificationTom Rayner-Fox

Tom is a freelance writer from London. Whilst waiting for one of his 25 team accumulators to come in he can be found whoring his keyboard for a variety of places – though of course this one here [INSERT WEBSITE] is totally his favorite! If you want to hear about the totally awesome novel he’s writing, you can find him on Twitter @TomRaynerFox

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    We use an analytics program called Clicky to track visitors who visit our website. The program allows us to see when you came to the site, which pages you visited, how long you browsed for, what country you’re from and what page you left the site via.

    It’s important to note that we CAN’T tell who you are from this, we don’t know your name, address, telephone number, star sign or anything else like that! We simply collect data on how people interact with the website so we can try to make improvements in the future… and so we know if anyone is even reading what we’ve written!

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    Although we pride ourselves on the honesty and integrity of our review process we do make money from referring site visitors to different online bookmakers.

    If you click through to one of the betting sites we recommend and sign up we get a payment from them for recommending their service to you. To get the credit for the referral we need to use cookies so the bookies know it’s us who’s sent you.

    Not quite as enjoyable as a chocolate chip cookie but much better for your waistline.