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List of Betting Sites to Avoid & Why: Our Blacklist

Bookmaker BlacklistThere has never been a wider choice of betting sites available to punters and bookmakers are rammed down your throat left right and centre on TV and across all forms of digital advertisement.

In some respects it’s great, it gives us loads of options and plenty of promotions and offers to take advantage of.

Unfortunately, however, with so many new betting sites being launched in such a comparatively short period of time, it’s unavoidable that some of them will be of a pretty low standard.

Whether they simply don’t measure up to the major betting sites in terms of the service they offer, or they more directly attempt to scam punters, it is those sites which are the focus of this page.

We’re going to let you know the selection of sites which we’ve blacklisted, so as to help you avoid trusting them with your custom.

We’ll then explain a little more about why we blacklist certain sites and give you some additional information to help you cope more effectively if you do fall prey to a dodgy bookmaker.

Find recommended safe betting sites in our betting reviews section. Each site has been personally tested and vetted by our team to ensure quality and reliability.

Betting Sites Blacklist (A-Z)

Bookmaker Why?
10Bet Unknown brand with worrying player reviews.
BetHard Unproven brand with deceptive bonus offer.
BetSafe No bonus or promotions for new sports players.
BlackType Unknown brand with worrying player reviews.
Bwin Appalling customer service reported – previously stiffed marketing partners which raises financial concerns.
ComeOn Awful customer reviews suggesting slow response times and account closures.
Expekt No longer licensed in the UK.
FansBet New brand with no track record and reports of slow withdrawals.
Guts No new bonus for sports customers.
Karamba Account verification issues leading to witholding winnings.
ManBetX Mostly unknown brand with zero track record – partnerships with many similar online bookmakers.
MansionBet Deceptive bonus with high wagering requirements.
RedBet Deceptive bonus advertising with awful release conditions.
Redzone Unproven / unknown brand with reports of poor vulnerable player protection.
SkyBet No longer owned by BSkyB and stiffed marketing partners which suggests financial difficulties.
SportNation No track record – deceptive bonus with 7x wagering requirement.
Volt Unknown brand with awful free bet (£100 deposit to release £10).
Winner Merged with TitanBet who previously had many customer complaints ranging from slow paying to witholding of winnings.
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Reasons We Blacklist & Avoid Betting Sites

We’re dedicated to trying to give punters as much of a helping hand as possible, and that’s why we like to let people know when a betting site is best avoided. There are a wide range of reasons why we might decide to blacklist a bookmaker or betting site, and the following are brief explanations of just a few of the main ones.

Slow or Withheld Payments

Withholding PaymentsWhen you choose to bet with any online bookmaker or betting site, your ultimate goal is to win some cash. As and when that happens, then, the least you expect from the betting site would be that they let you withdraw that cash. No site has a problem accepting deposits, after all. Unfortunately, however, a disappointingly large number of sites actually do make it really quite difficult to withdraw funds.

On many occasions, sites slow down withdrawal transactions in order to try and persuade customers to change their minds and to keep funds in their account for further betting. In more extreme cases, the dodgiest of sites can even withhold payments entirely, usually giving the excuse that a punter has somehow broken the terms and conditions of the site. Bookmakers who routinely mess customers around this way will quickly find their way onto our blacklist.

Scam Bonuses

Scam BonusesAs you’ll know if you’ve read any of our bookmaker reviews, we like bonuses and promotions as much as the next punter.

The offers and bonuses available from a given bookmaker, after all, can often make them stand out from the crowd of similar betting sites which are also available to choose from. It is vitally important to read and understand the terms and conditions of any offer or promotion, however, as some are simply not set up with punters in mind.

These types of scam bonuses are used to suck punters in to betting with a particular site, but then ultimately lead to those punters getting no benefit at all. The most common examples of such scams are those offers which are subject to wagering requirements that are almost impossible for a normal punter to fulfil. We will blacklist a betting site if we see that they regularly run such promotions.

Limiting & Closing Accounts

Closing AccountsIt’s an unfortunate fact of the online betting industry that if you’re a successful punter, bookmakers and betting sites don’t want to know you. In fact, if you regularly make a profit from using a particular bookmaker and your account stands out to them as one which does make significant money, they’re likely to either limit it or close it entirely.

All bookmakers and betting sites are allowed to limit and close accounts, and there isn’t one betting provider which doesn’t at least occasionally exercise their right to do so. Certain sites, however, are known to take things much too far by very quickly and very regularly restricting accounts which make any kind of money at all. These sites quite rightfully earn their places on our blacklist.
Poor Customer Service

All of the reasons for blacklisting sites which we have discussed so far have regarded scams or instances of sharp practice by bookmakers. It’s not only dodgy and untrustworthy sites which we blacklist, however. We also place some sites on our blacklist which simply fail to deliver a good enough service to punters.

Some sites on our blacklist, for example, have earned their place there – at least in part – due to offering poor customer service. There’s no excuse in this day and age for betting sites not to offer customer service options including phone, email and online help centres. If a bookmaker doesn’t offer such facilities or if the customer service professionals which can be contacted are either unwilling or unable to offer assistance, we will point punters toward other, better options.

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Tight Odds

OddsWith so many different betting sites and online bookmakers now available, the days of having to settle for whatever odds your bookie offers you are long gone. If a particular site is being somewhat stingy with how they price up a certain market, chances are that at least one other bookmaker will be offering considerably longer odds elsewhere.

There’s always going to be some variation in the odds offered by different betting sites, so it does pay to shop around. Some sites, however, do routinely provide some of the shortest and tightest odds you’ll find anywhere. If and when we do discover a site that does always short change its punters when it comes to the odds on offer, we’ll pop them straight on our blacklist.

How to Report or Make a Complaint Against a Bookmaker

Even if you’re a reasonably experienced punter and have avoided betting sites which look like they might be dodgy, you may still find yourself in a position where you need to make a complaint. If contacting the bookmaker themselves has born no fruit, there are two other good options which are open to you.

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