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Best Odds On Irish Lottery: Bookmaker Comparison

December 3, 2019 2:35 pm Published by

Irish LottoYou’ll find Irish Lottery betting – in one form or another – is offered by all of the major betting sites. How then are you supposed to choose which of those sites to bet with? Which one should you choose as your Irish Lottery betting destination?

One of the biggest things to consider when choosing where to bet is the odds that are on offer. The vast majority of bookies that cover the Irish Lottery offer you fixed odds payouts. Payouts you get for matching a certain number of balls.

This page will explain where you can get the best odds depending on what type of Irish Lottery bet you want to place. As well as explaining how the official draw differs from the rest, and how that might change the payouts you get.

Irish Lottery Odds Compared

The following two tables compare the best odds offered by bookmakers on Irish lottery betting. Bet365 come out on top for us here but it’s important to note that prizes are often not as good (at the higher end) as those of playing the official lotto.

Best Odds Excluding Bonus Ball

Bookie 1 ball 2 balls 3 balls 4 balls 5 balls
Bet365 6 60 700 8,500 150,000
Betfred 6 60 700 8,500 150,000
William Hill 6 55 610 8,000 150,000
Paddy Power 6 60 700 7,200 130,000
Coral 6 60 700 8,000 150,000
Ladbrokes 6 53 700 7,199 124,999

Best Odds Including Bonus Ball

Bookie 1 ball 2 balls 3 balls 4 balls 5 balls
Betfred 5 45 375 4,500 45,000
Bet365 5 45 375 4,000 45,000
William Hill 5 38 330 4,000 40,000
Coral 5 38 375 3,800 40,000

Note: Paddy Power and Ladbrokes do not offer betting including the bonus ball.

Recent Draw Payouts

As mentioned above you can often get better payouts on the ACTUAL draw if you play the lotto direct – so you can decide which you prefer here’s some recent payouts for a comparison. It’s cost £2 per ticket to play.

2 + bonus 3 balls 3 + bonus 4 balls 4 + bonus 5 balls 5 + bonus 6 balls
£2.56 £6.82 £13.64 £39.21 £76.71 £1,102.03 £23,898.58 £5,093,045.67

Odds Comparison Explained

The above might seem at first glance a little bit complicated. In fact, it could hardly be simpler. Most bookies who offer Irish Lottery betting provide fixed odds payouts. You get them if you match one or more numbers, up to a maximum of five.

Note: Matching one number, though, does mean picking only one and it coming up. You don’t pick a full set of numbers and get paid out for any which appear in a draw. That’s the main difference between Irish Lottery betting and actually playing the lottery.

Most bookies also give you the option of betting with or without the draw’s bonus ball. That means you’re either trying to match numbers from a set of six or a set of seven. The above table shows the odds you get from matching between one and five numbers. Both if you include the bonus ball and if you don’t.

Bookmaker Odds vs Actual Draw: Which is better?

Unibet LottoSo you’ve got a choice to make between playing the official Irish lottery or betting on it via your bookies.

You could go with the version of an actual draw. You might choose to stick to more standard lottery betting with a different bookie.

We prefer the actual lotto option, and there are a couple of reasons why.

  1. The top end jackpots you can win by playing direct are huge. Each Irish Lotto draw has a minimum jackpot of £1.4 million. Match six numbers and you’re likely in for a much bigger payout.
  2. With the official draw you always select six numbers and get a payout if you match two and the bonus or more. With other bookies you have to match exactly the numbers you add to a bet line to win.

Actual Odds Of Winning Irish Lottery

2 + bonus 3 balls 3 + bonus 4 balls 4 + bonus 5 balls 5 + bonus 6 balls
1/72 1/54 1/688 1/918 1/17,896 1/44,740 1/1,789,596 1/10,737,573

OddsSo far, we’ve looked at the odds offered by different bookies, but what about your odds of actually winning? What are the chances of you matching the numbers you need to get a payout, whoever you choose to bet with?

The above table gives you exact odds of getting the different winning combos for an Irish Lotto draw. The way to give that information a bit of context is to compare it with another lottery. For simplicity’s sake, let’s look at the UK’s national lottery for our point of reference.

The chance of winning the top jackpot in the UK Lotto is one in 45,057,474. That means the Irish Lotto’s jackpot is comparatively far more accessible. In fact, every winning combination down to matching three numbers is more likely when playing the Irish rather than the UK Lotto.

It’s at the very bottom end of the draws’ prize tiers, that things change. The UK Lotto pays out a prize if you match just two numbers. Whereas the Irish Lotto needs at least two numbers AND the bonus.

That small difference impacts a player’s chance of winning any prize massively. The chance of getting a payout of some kind from the UK Lotto is one in 9.3. For the Irish Lotto, the figure stands at one in 29. That’s a difference worth keeping in mind if you’re trying to choose a Lotto to play.