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Are There Any Bookmakers Who Don’t Limit Accounts?

June 1, 2018 9:00 am Published by

Limit Betting AccountThere are a quite a few reasons why a bookmaker may limit the online account of a punter.

If you are as good at betting as I am for example, it’s usually because you’ve taken too much of their money.

Ok, that’s not true, at least for me – however punters who are too successful can see their accounts limited, even suspended.

In addition, betters who use systems like Arbitrage and Hedge betting have to bet in certain, quite unnatural patterns or betting amounts, all of which can be red flags to the bookmaker that you are trying to employ a system.

Which, to put it lightly, they are not fond of.

Best Bookmakers Who Don’t Limit Accounts

So, which of the betting companies don’t limit accounts? Unfortunately, that’s a bit of a trick question, because all of the traditional bookmakers limit accounts.

But – that is not to say are out of options. Betting exchange sites have exploded in popularity in recent years, and because of the way they operate, they will NEVER limit your accounts.

This is because, unlike the traditional betting sites, they are not competing with their customers, but rather merely offering a platform so that the betting public can lay, and back bets between themselves.

New customer offer. Place 5 x £10 or more bets to receive £20 in free bets. Repeat up to 5 times to receive maximum £100 bonus. Min odds 1/2 (1.5). Exchange bets excluded. T&Cs apply.
Up to £1,000 commission back at the end of the first 30 days as withdrawable funds. Standard 5% commission rate applies. Not available to API, RDT or Trading Tool customers. 18+.

Online Bookmakers vs Betting Exchanges

Betting Exchanges ExplainedSo who are these wonderful betting exchanges that don’t limit accounts, these plucky underdogs of the betting world?

Well, we’ve covered the differences between bookmakers and exchanges in depth in other articles. So we’ll keep it brief here, but the key is to remember that when you bet with a bookie you are betting against them in a market they have created – often to there advantage.

The exchanges on the other hand are, as we mentioned above, just platforms for the bets. You can think of them like eBay. When you get drunk and buy old Transformers on eBay, they haven’t been manufactured or even listed by eBay. Instead, eBay have simply provided a platform to connect you, the buyer, with the seller.

Betting exchanges work the same. They allow you to be a seller, and “lay” a bet or they allow you to be a buyer and “back” a bet that someone else is offering. Also like eBay, the exchanges take a small commission on all the money that passes through them. This is why they will never limit your account – they are not betting against you like a bookie, so it is in no way in their interest to limit your account.

Why Do Bookies Limit Accounts?

So if the bookies risk losing customers – either to other bookies or to the betting exchanges – then why do they limit accounts anyway? Well, there are a number of reasons why they may look to limit accounts.

You’re just too good…

WithdrawChief amongst them, as we mentioned up top, is that if you are too good they will simply close your account. Now, I have to admit personally I could never even imagine being that good that old Paddy Power himself (I assume there is a guy called paddy Power somewhere) would descend and flick the lights off on my account.

But it does happen, and the bookmakers are monitoring all of our accounts very closely. If they see someone who is depositing £20 every now and then and withdrawing hundreds that is going to get that account suspended quickly.

Know your customer

AccountThere is also a little thing called KYC, which stands for Know Your Customer. It is basically a process whereby the bookmakers may need to request certain information from you. This is to protect against vulnerable people betting. So they may ask for a scan of your passport or driving licence to prove your age or they may ask for clear evidence, like pay cheques, to show that you can afford your gambling. If you cannot or will not provide this information the company is duty bound to suspend your account until you can – or close it permanently.

Bonus hunters

BonusThen there those people who take advantage of Bookie promos and deals in a very specific way to game the system – this is called matched betting and, again, we have discussed this elsewhere. Whilst it’s not illegal naturally the bookies are not fond of it as they stand to lose every time – so if they suspect you of matched betting, again you’re going to be suspended.


BettingFinally, there is another betting system called Arbitrage betting – which again is discussed in another article we wrote. This involves hunting around for specific odd differences being offered on the same even by two separate bookies. By betting certain amounts, the bet can be spread across two separate bookies, with you making profit no matter the outcome as one bet covers the other.

Again, not illegal but heavily frowned upon by the bookie.

Basically, the bookies are in it to make money. So if they think you’re going to cost them money – whether by using a system like Arbitrage or simply by being a really good gambler, they are going to tell you to get lost.

Is limiting betting accounts a scam /legal?

IllegalWhilst limiting accounts – especially for no other reason than that you are just a good gambler – seems very unfair, it is not illegal. Provided they pay out and do not unlawfully hold onto any stake money in your account, it’s all legal and above board.

This is of course not something that the betting industry likes to crow about. You won’t see Ray Winstone’s giant head bellowing at someone that their account is suspended because they won too much. In fact, the whole deal with the gambling industry and all their advertisements is generally about winning. Almost every advert shows people celebrating wins – but just bear in mind that if any of those people won too much, the bookie would kick them to the curb.

And, to a certain extent, you can’t really blame them. Yes, they do want us to win – frankly, if we never won then we probably wouldn’t keep betting – not that’s it ever stopped me of course.

But they just want us to win enough that we come back for more – but we lose enough that they make a profit from us. If you try to beat them at their own game, they’re likely to just run home with their ball and leave you high and dry.