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Which bookmakers have the highest deposit limits & bets?

June 16, 2018 9:00 am Published by

Highest LimitIn this article we’ll be discussing which bookmakers allow for the highest deposits and bets.

Many people either assume that there are no limits or that every bookie has the same limits where they do apply. This is however not the case, and you will in fact find that all traditional bookmakers have certain limits in place – you will also find, as shown in the table below, that there can be considerable differences between the various gambling companies.

Compare Bookmakers With Highest Limits

Bookmakers Max Deposit Max Bet Max Payout
Betvictor Unlimited n/a £100,000
William Hill £250,000 £10,000 n/a
Coral Unlimited n/a £100,000
Paddy Power £100,000 £10,000 n/a
888Sport £50,000 n/a £250,000
Betfred £10,000 n/a £500,000
Ladbrokes £25,000 £10,000 n/a

High Roller Betting: FAQ

Most people, when they discover these limits naturally have some questions about them.

Questions like, oh I don’t know… these one:

Can you get the maximum amounts raised?

Yes, of course – to a certain extent anyway.

VIP SupportWhat we are talking about here however are the real high rollers of betting. These are the types of people throwing down multiples of thousands onto single bets – and you can bet your life the bookmakers want to keep them happy!

We’ve heard of some online bookmakers accepting bets of up to £100,000 on the outcomes of single football games. Of course this is not the norm, and the bookmakers recognise that fact.

They have highly exclusive VIP teams that high net worth individuals can reach out to for special odds – but access to these is few and far between, and well beyond the reach of the typical punter – you need to get in touch with support at your chosen betting site to start the process of raising the betting limit.

Why do some bookmakers list maximum payouts not maximum bets?

Highest Bet BookmakersOne thing that you may notice when you start looking around at the highest betting limits that are in place is that some bookies will have a maximum bet and some will have a maximum pay out.

Naturally then once you notice that you may wonder why?! Well, there are several advantages to limiting the payout of a bet rather than the initial stake.

The first and probably most important is to protect the bookie from going bankrupt. Don’t forget, as we have discussed in other articles a bet is a legally binding contract between the bookmaker and the punter. This has a number of implications for the gambling company who takes on the bet, chief amongst them is the fact that, if you win the bet they must pay out the agreed winnings.

By not limiting the payout therefore, bookies could leave themselves vulnerable to honouring huge bets that wipe out all their cash reserves, and leave them dead in the water.

Another reason that bookies may limit the payout rather than the stake is to limit their exposure to big bets on poor odds. For example, they would rather take on a bet of £100 on a 1,000 to 1 shot than take on £50,000 bet at evens.

Many people will assume that the maximum payout will never apply to them, you could be surprised how easy it can to build a bet that exceeds the maximum payout of a site. A pretty simple accumulator – such as one with seven correct score predictions across a typical Saturday in the Premier League could easily offer accumulative odds well in excess of a million to one – so even a tiny stake at those kind of odds is unlikely to yield the full payout if your accumulator comes in.

Yes, it’s incredibly unlikely but it’s not impossible – so you should bear it in mind.

What To Do If You Are Betting Too Much?

When To Fun Stops StopSo whilst we have discussed in this article how to bet more – i.e. by raising the limits on betting sites this also seems a good time to discuss perhaps betting a little less – or at least considering how you could tell if you have a gambling problem.

The sad fact is that it is more likely that the typical person will encounter a problem with gambling rather than being so good at it that they actually need to worry about raising limits.

There are a number of signs that could indicate a problem with gambling:

  • Spending more money than you can afford – if you have to get loans to carry on gambling then this is a huge, flashing sign of a gambling problem.
  • If you find it hard to stop gambling – again whilst there are many reasons that we all gamble, be that to win money or just to have fun you should be able to walk away any time you want to.
  • Always thinking about gambling – it can be fine to spend some extra time thinking or reading about gambling, or listening to podcasts or watching YouTube channels dedicated to it. Gambling can be a hobby like any other, and so it can take up a little of your time. If you find it taking up too much however, or even dominating your life, then it could be time to step back – and one of the most effective way to do this is via self exclusion.

How To Self-exclude Yourself

Self-exclusion is where you can recognize that you have may have a problem with gambling. If one of the above signs is ringing true, then self exclusion can be a great way to just pull back from gambling for a little while and re-evaluate.

In addition to this, part of the conditions of gaining (and keeping) a licence to operate as a gambling company in the UK is that bookmakers must take part in the Multi-Operator self-exclusion scheme.

This makes it easier for you to request self exclusion, as by requesting it from one company you should be automatically excluded by all the other bookies from opening accounts or placing more bets.

Therefore it’s a pretty straightforward and effective first step in recognising and tackling gambling problems.

More info on self exclusion and how to do it can be found here:

Where To Find Additional Help

Be Gamble AwareOf course, self-exclusion is not a magic bullet. Simply stepping away from all gambling just may not be enough – or it may even be impossible.

The first thing to know is that there is no shame in this. In fact, it is admitting you have a problem that is often the hardest step, so well done for getting this far.

The next thing is to know where to get the best information and the best help – and there is one place that is easy recommend here, BeGambleAware.

They are an independent charity that works across the full remit of gambling problems – researching them, lobbying the government and the industry to fight against them and providing treatment. Their website or their helpline (08088020133) should be the first port of call for anyone who thinks they may have a problem with gambling.