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Which Bookmakers Pay First Past The Post & Double Result?

August 27, 2018 9:00 am Published by

Winning PostWhen it comes to horse racing, it should be pretty simple to tell if the horse you backed won or lost.

But it’s not always the case…

Sometimes a stewards enquiry will be called after the race has been run and, depending on the circumstances, the race result can be altered. Wildly frustrating and annoying if you’ve just cheered home the race winner after backing it.


Some online bookmakers operate on a first past post and double result basis meaning they’ll pay out, regardless of the enquiry, on the first horse over the line AND on the eventual winner if the result is altered.

First Past The Post & Double Result Bookies

Bookie Rating Terms
Betvictor UK & Irish racing only, max payout £50k per day. Ante-post, forecast, tricast & special markets excluded.
William Hill Includes win singles/multiples & win part of e/w bets. Excludes all special markets & carrying wrong weight / jockey not weighing in.
Betfred UK & Irish racing, max payout £1 million. Excludes weight errors, forecast, tricast, ante-post. Applies to win and e/w singles.
Coral UK & Irish horse racing only. Includes single and multiple bets. Excludes ante-post, Grand National, weight errors, special/novelty markets & judges errors.
Paddy Power UK & Irish horse racing only, max payout ranges by race class. Excludes Grand National, void races, in running bets, ante-post, wrong course, tote dividends, corrections & daily doubles.

What Is First Past The Post?

Traditionally, the results of a horse race are declared after the weigh in.

Jockey WeightTo explain this a little, all the horses in a race must carry the same amount of weight (excluding handicaps of course). This means that both the jockey and his equipment – including the saddle – are weighed before the race. This is called the weight out, and if the jockey and his equipment weigh less than expected then the difference is made up with a saddlebag full of thin lead weights that is attached to the saddle.

After the race, the jockey and equipment is weighed again to ensure that the correct weight was carried around the racetrack by the horse.

After everyone is weighed in, the race results become official. It is this point that things get weird, because the official result may not match what happened on the track. For example, a stewards enquiry may find that the horse that literally won the race – that was the first over the line, or “past the post,” impeded the progress of another horse during the race, for example by bumping them and throwing them off their stride or making a jump more difficult simply by their close proximity.

First Past The Post means the physical result of the race is upheld no matter what the official result is post weigh in.

Therefore, if you place your bet with a betting site that offers First Past The Post and you see them cross the line first, you don’t need to wait for the official result, you can go and collect your winnings right now.

What Is Double Result?

So if First Past The Post protects your money placed on the physical winner of the race, the Double Result protects the deserving winner.

To put that slightly abstract notion into an example. You have placed a bet on the horse Magnificent Brian to win this race, which he is doing up until the final jump. At this point, another horse, lets call him Sneaky Gary, goes across his racing line and bumps Magnificent Brian just before he jumps.

Brian manages to get over the jump and land but is thrown off his stride – Sneaky Gary streaks away to win the race as the First Past The Post.

After the weigh-in however, a steward’s enquiry determines that Sneaky Gary deliberately bumped and impeded Magnificent Brian, and if it wasn’t for this he would likely have won. The stewards declare the official winner to be Magnificent Brian, even though Sneaky Gary crossed the finish line first.

Again, if you have placed you bet on Magnificent Brian with a bookie that offers Double Chance on the winner, then you will also get paid out your full winnings.

Does This Protection Always Apply?

No it doesn’t – and even when it does, different betting companies will have different interpretations so it really does pay to read the all of the T&C’s before you place your bet.

Broadly speaking, there are a few situations where First Past and Double Result will not apply, and these are:

Horse disqualified for failing weigh in – As described above, the weigh in ensures that the jockey and his equipment weigh exactly what they are supposed to whilst going round the course, with any shortfall made up by that bag of lead weights. If the weigh in reveals the jockey and/or equipment is too light after the race – say if that bag of weights fell off the saddle – the horse is disqualified and no winnings will be paid out.

Horse disqualified for taking the wrong course – Ever followed your sat nav too closely and accidentally gone the wrong way up a one way street? This is similar! Race tracks are normally made up of lost of different routes which when combined add up to the total race distance. So there may come a point at lap two for example.