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Betting Site Reviews & Ratings

One of our main aims is to ensure that any and every punter is able to find the right online bookmaker or betting site for them. In order to help them to do so, we take great pains to assess and analyse the service offered by the main betting site alternatives and to present punters with the results of our findings.

Our comprehensive reviews of each of the major online bookmakers, therefore, represent an in-depth analysis of how well each betting provider serves its customers. You can find a link to all of those reviews below and, to help you understand exactly what those reviews are all about, we’re also going to explain how we compile them and what a positive review really means.

Bookmaker Reviews

What’s Our Review Process?

Background Check
We begin by looking at a betting site’s licensing, their ownership and whether they have a history of poor service or other notable issues.

Open Account
To assess the service offered, we then open an account with the site and take account of how easy or otherwise it is to do so.

Make deposit
Making a deposit to a betting site helps us analyse the available deposit methods, different limits in place and loads more besides.

Claim Bonus
Claiming the bookmaker’s welcome bonus allows us to find out whether it has any notable limitations and how easy or otherwise it is to gain a real benefit from it.

Place Bets
It’s absolutely crucial to look at the range of betting markets provided by a betting site, the odds offered for those markets and how easy it is to get a bet on.

Download App
For punters who like to bet on the move, we download a bookmaker’s mobile app if there’s one available, and look at how easy it is to use and what features it has.

Withdrawing funds from a betting account allows us to discover which withdrawal methods are accepted, how easy the process is and what processing times are like.

Test Support
Whilst using a betting site, we try out different customer service options to test how quickly responses are forthcoming and how well questions and problems are dealt with.

Write Review
Well there’s not much point in doing all this leg work if we don’t write and publish our review for all to read – that’s the final step and we hope you’re enjoying it!

Each Step In More Detail…

Make Deposit

In order to properly review any site on behalf of punters who may wish to actually use it, it stands to reason that we need to actually deposit to the site ourselves. Doing so, first of all, lets us see exactly which payment methods the betting site accepts and how easy the deposit process is for those different methods.

What physically making a deposit also reveals to us – and therefore to punters reading our reviews – is how long processing times for different deposit methods are in practice. That’s crucial as no punter wants to commit money to a betting account and find themselves waiting ages until that money is actually available to bet with.

Claim Bonus

One of the main factors punters take into account when choosing a new betting site is the welcome promotions which that site offers. Often, however, it is difficult to judge how good such a promotion is until you have actually taken part.

That’s why we claim the bonus on offer from different online bookmakers on the behalf of prospective punters. We can then properly assess how easy any bonus is to trigger, how much benefit the bonus actually provides and whether it has any tricky terms and conditions which muddy the waters.

Place Bets

A betting site can be really easy to sign up with, offer a great welcome promotion and provide loads of other features too, but if it doesn’t have the betting options you want or makes it too difficult to get bets on, it’s not really any good to you.

We place loads of different types of bets through each betting site we review, therefore, to make sure that this crucial element of a bookmaker’s service is up to scratch. The most important things we look out for are the range of markets available, the odds on offer and how easy it is to place different types of bet (accas, combinations etc.)

Download App

Plenty of punters these days never even see a bookmaker’s desktop website and instead do all their betting on the move via a mobile device. It’s crucial, therefore, for us to assess how different bookmakers serve these customers.

To do so we look at whether a bookmaker offers downloadable mobile apps or a simple browser based service and if downloadable apps are available, we download and test them. Ease of download, ease of use and whether the apps offer all the same features as a bookie’s main website are the things we’re most on the lookout for.

Withdraw Funds

Being able to withdraw your funds as and when you wish is key to any and every punter. As part of our review process, therefore, we stringently test out the withdrawal facilities of online bookmakers.

When doing so, we look at how long the actual withdrawal process takes and how long processing times are for different withdrawal methods. What’s more, we can also see whether any transaction fees are applied and whether any other wrinkles occur in practice which make withdrawing funds more difficult than it should be.

Test Customer Support

Finally, in the process of using and reviewing a betting site we try to put the site’s customer service through its paces. That means utilising the different support options (live chat, email, phone etc.), taking note of how long it takes to get a response via each option and assessing how well problems and questions are dealt with.

Our Star Ratings Explained

Betting Review Ratings

It is by completing all of the above steps, therefore, that we come to give each of the betting sites which we review a star rating.

Only the sites which excel in all of the areas we examine are awarded the top ratings and sites which fall down in a number of areas will be rated more harshly. We provide our star ratings so as to give punters who may not have the time to fully read all of our comprehensive reviews a quick way of comparing and contrasting the different betting sites available to them.

In working through the eight steps of our review process, there are a few major things which we look out for and which, if we find them, contribute significantly to enhancing or diminishing a betting site’s star rating:

  • If a site’s ownership has a reputation for poor customer service or if there are question marks over the site’s licensing, then the site will not be rated highly.
  • If a site offers few deposit options then it will be downgraded.
  • Importantly if any bookmakers welcome promotion is subject to restrictive wagering requirements, its star rating will be reduced at least one full point (we hate to see this).
  • Any bookmaker who offers a comprehensive range of betting markets will get their rating boosted
  • A diverse range of different customer support options which all offer swift and efficient assistance is a plus
  • A user-friendly mobile app with cross system compatibility is also a plus point.

If You Disagree…

As is hopefully obvious from all of the above, we put a lot of effort into making our betting reviews as fair and as accurate as possible.

We understand, however, that the individual experiences of different punters can differ quite significantly. If you think we’ve been too harsh in any of our betting site reviews, or if you think we’ve actually rated an online bookmaker too positively, please do not hesitate to get in touch via one of the different methods found on our contact page.