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Betdaq Review: Up To £1,000 Commission Cashback

Betdaq Review
  • Up To £1,000 Cashback
  • £10
  • UK
  • 24 hours
  • 2000
Betdaq Review
Up to £1,000 commission back at the end of the first 30 days as withdrawable funds. Standard 5% commission rate applies. Not available to API, RDT or Trading Tool customers. 18+.
Gambling Comission
Last Checked: 30-11-2021
Ref: 1611

Last Checked: 30-11-2021

Betdaq is the worlds second largest betting exchange and offers a viable alternative to Betfair. In recent months they’ve been going all out to attract customers by offering lower commissions than their rivals and increasing the size of their welcome offer. If you want an alternative to Betfair now’s a great time to check these guys out.

New Customer Bonus & Promotions

Even if you’re a fairly seasoned punter, there’s a good chance that you might not have ever tried betting with Betdaq or another betting exchange. If that’s the case, you could be eligible for the exchange’s new customer promotion which offers a special 0% rate of commission for your first 30 days’ worth of bets.

You will need to register a new Betdaq account using promo code ‘DAQBACK’ in order to take part and then can simply set about betting however you wish. After 30 days, you will then receive a real cash rebate of any commission paid – according to Betdaq’s standard commission ladder – up to a tasty maximum of £1,000.

Open Account
Start out by opening your account and choose a username and password – use code DAQBACK on sign up form.

Deposit & Bet
Make a deposit into your account and start placing bets on the exchange – commission will be paid on winnings bets when they are settled.

Get Bonus
You’ll get a rebate of up to £1,000 in commission paid after your first 30 days using the Betdaq betting exchange.

T&C's apply, 18+ new customers only.


Given that Betdaq’s welcome promotion is very much tailored to the fact that they are a betting exchange rather than a sportsbook, it’s fair to say that it’s quite different from most other new customer offers. One significant benefit which this delivers is that there are no wagering requirements or other limitations placed upon any funds which the promotion may provide you with.

Your commission rebate is paid as real cash into your Betdaq account and can be withdrawn immediately if desired. It should be noted, however, that commission is only paid on net winnings, so to actually receive the full £1,000 rebate amount you would have had to be extremely successful with your first 30 days of betting.

Existing Customer Promotions:
  • 0% Commission for 12.30 Kick-offs – All Betdaq customers pay 0% commission on winnings from bets placed on Premier League matches kicking off at 12.30 on a Saturday.
  • Mid-Week Multiples – By entering a promo code, punters can earn a £10 free multiples bet by placing at least £100 worth of qualifying multiple bets between Monday and Thursday.
  • Virtuals Bet £10 Get £10 Offer – Using another promo code, punters can get a free bet worth up to a maximum of £10 if their first bet on virtual sports is a losing one.
  • 2% Commission on Trading Tools – Betdaq customers with over 50% of their Betdaq business done through Trading Tools can sign up for just 2% Trading Tools commission.

Visit Betdaq & select the ‘Promotions’ tab to see all other promotions.

T&C's apply, 18+ new customers only.


Betdaq offer a good selection of markets for a decent range of sports. They do, however, cover fewer minority and smaller sports than many of the big sportsbooks, perhaps due to being a betting exchange.

Betdaq take a large number of markets for a good number of events in-play. Odds update very swiftly for those markets but match or event scores are strangely not displayed.

Cash Out
Punters betting with Betdaq are able to cash out bets on a decent number of different markets. When cash out is available a symbol depicting two piles of coins is displayed on the website.

Live Streaming
Punters who are logged in and have partaken in some action on a UK or Ireland horse race are able to watch a live video of the race through the Betdaq website. No other streams are currently available.

An online help centre contains some answers to FAQs about Betdaq’s service. Alternatively, customers can submit questions via an imbedded email tool or can call 08701 781 021 for help.

Virtual Betting
Perhaps strangely for a betting exchange, Betdaq do offer virtual sports betting. Virtual horse racing, greyhound racing, football, speedway, cycling and motor racing options are all available.

Frustratingly, Betdaq does not provide live scoring, even for events which are in-play. Their ‘Racing Results’ service, however, lets punters look up horse racing results from the past week quickly and easily.

Mobile App
To aid betting on the move, Betdaq do offer a mobile betting app. Tailored versions of the app can be downloaded from the App Store and the Play Store for iOS and Android operated devices, respectively.

In the ‘My Bets’ section of a Betdaq customer’s account, they can check on the status of their current matched bets by selecting the ‘Current Bets’ option and can also look over their prior betting history.

On the main options bar which is always displayed at the top of every Betdaq web page, there is a ‘Casino’ option. Selecting that option takes you to the Betdaq Casino where a variety of different games are available.


The availability of betting markets from Betdaq obviously depends somewhat upon the bets which other users are prepared to place or lay. In general, however, Betdaq do cater for a very decent array of betting options across a fairly comprehensive range of competitions and events. The breadth of sports covered by the exchange is a little less wide-ranging than those provided for by the major sportsbooks, but does still comprise all of the following:

  • American Football
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Greyhound Racing
  • Horse Racing
  • Ice Hockey
  • Rugby Union
  • Snooker
  • Tennis
  • Virtual Sports

Whilst the selection of sports and events covered by Betdaq is a little less comprehensive than is catered for by some of the biggest sportsbooks, the options which are available are easily navigable. Once you click or tap a particular match or event, all of the available betting markets are viewable on one page. Just beneath the title of each available market, what’s more, small symbols are featured to give you extra information about the particular market.

Those symbols include a pie chart style image which signals that the market will go in-play or that it is already in-play is the graphic is moving. A double stack of coins symbol, meanwhile, indicates that the market is eligible for Betdaq’s Cash Out facility.

In-Play Review of Betdaq

As you would expect from a betting exchange, Betdaq offer their customers a wide range of options when it comes to in-play betting. A good number of events across an array of different sports are regularly taken in-play and the vast majority of those benefit from a good number of available in-play markets. Football, horse racing and tennis are amongst the most popular sports for in-play betting, so let’s take a closer look at Betdaq’s in-play dashboard for those sports.

Football In-Play

Betdaq Football

Football stats & live odds.

If a Betdaq user heads to the main page for a football match which is in-play, they will be presented with the full collection of markets which are currently available for that match. The odds available for either backing or laying the various different possible selection are displayed and change continuously, whilst the option to ‘MAKE OFFER’ is available where odds aren’t displayed. What’s somewhat strange about Betdaq’s in-play dashboard, however, is that no live scoring or live scoreboard is displayed to keep punters in touch with the state of a game.

Tennis In-Play

Betdaq Tennis

Tennis in-play betting & stats.

When a Betdaq user heads to the in-play dashboard for an ongoing tennis match, they will see all of the available in-play markets. Those markets typically comprise ‘Match Betting’, ‘Set Betting’ and betting on the result of the currently ongoing set. The odds available to back and to lay certain options are clearly displayed and update regular and continuously with the ebb and flow of the match. Just like with their football in-play dashboard, however, Betdaq for some reason do not display any live scoring or other details to allow punters to view available markets and the match status in one place.

Horse Racing In-Play

Betdaq Horse Racing

Live horse race betting.

As it is a betting exchange, Betdaq does indeed allow for betting in-running on horse racing. The various prices available to back and to lay the different runners in a race are clearly displayed within the horse racing in-play dashboard and update regularly and continuously during the course of the race. Thanks to their live streaming service, too, the race itself is displayed as a live video at the top of the interface for those Betdaq users who are logged in and have placed a bet, so are therefore eligible to view it.

Visit & check out their ‘In-Play’ prices here, all markets can be traded in-play.

Live Streaming

As a betting exchange, Betdaq obviously offer a large number of in-play betting opportunities to their users. As such, you might expect that they would embrace the idea of live streaming in order to aid punters in being able to keep up with the events of matches or races as they happen. That isn’t actually the case, however, as Betdaq only offer live streams for the following sports:

Live Streaming at Betdaq

  • Horse Racing
  • Greyhound Racing

How to Access Streams

Whilst Betdaq do not provide a particularly impressive array of live streams, those which they do offer are mercifully easy to access. Streams are available for all UK and Irish horse and greyhound races to logged-in Betdaq punters who have done some form of business on the race.

To view the live stream, all an eligible punter need to do is to head to the race’s page on the Betdaq website and then select the purple ‘Live Video’ link, found to the right of the name of the race at the head of the page.

Visit & select your market to see if the race is streaming live.

Geo restrictions apply, bet & watch.

Deposit & Withdrawal Options

Method Min Deposit Withdraw Min Withdraw
Mastercard £10 Yes £10
Visa £10 Yes £10
Maestro £10 Yes £10
Visa Electron £10 Yes £10
Visa Delta £10 Yes £10
Neteller £10 Yes £10
Skrill £10 Yes £10
PayPal £10 Yes £10
Bank Transfer £10 Yes £10
Cheque £10 Yes £10

Betdaq History



Betdaq was founded by leading Irish businessman, Dermot Desmond. Prior to founded Betdaq, Desmond has invested in high end hotels and London City Airport amongst other projects.


Betdaq began trading in September 2001, from its headquarters in the International Financial Services Centre in Dublin.


Betdaq celebrated ten years in existence but had never come close to their originally stated aims of cornering 25% of the betting exchange market. That particular market had come to be monopolised by Betfair.


Dermot Desmond sold Betdaq to sports betting giants Ladbrokes, in a deal worth €15 million and a further €15 million in Ladbrokes shares.


Due to other takeovers and mergers, Betdaq became a part of the wider Ladbrokes Coral plc group.

Bad Reviews & Complaints

Often the best way to get a proper handle on how good or otherwise a betting service is, is by taking a look at reviews by and complaints from real users. With that in mind, we’ve taken a look at what people have been saying about Betdaq on sites like Betdaq and through channels such as the App Store or Play Store. Doing so reveals that the company is fairly well rated but that there are a few issues which recur in a number of reviews.

Reasonable Concerns

Whilst the majority of Betdaq reviews through the channels we have mentioned are broadly positive, there are a few negative examples and reading those reveals a couple of common threads.

Firstly, many of the negative Betdaq reviews mention that the company are quite slow in settling bets. That is obviously an issue which can frustrate punters who may be relying on receiving winnings in order to place further wagers. What the negative reviews tend to define as ‘slow’, however, is anywhere up to an hour to settle a bet and whilst this isn’t ideal it also isn’t really too bad.

As well as complaining of the time taken to settle bets, a number of negative Betdaq reviews also mention the exchange’s poor liquidity. Unfortunately, it certainly is the case that for many markets Betdaq do have far worse liquidity than main rivals Betfair. This is understandable as Betfair do control a far greater share of the betting exchange market but that is of little consolation to Betdaq users.

Whilst those two recurring issues are important to recognise, however, it should be noted that Betdaq is generally quite well reviewed by its users.

Betdaq Review – Our Rating

We Like
  • Innovative New Customer Offer. 0% commission on eligible new punters’ first 30 days’ worth of betting.
  • In-Play Betting Options. Good range of in-play markets, covering a comprehensive array of different events.
  • Live Horse & Greyhound Racing. Live streams of UK and Irish horse and greyhound races are readily available.
  • Unique Ongoing Promotions. A small handful of innovative and potential beneficial ongoing offers available to punters.
  • No Premium Charge. Betfair have a premium charge for big winning punters who are forced to pay more in commission. Betdaq don’t operate this policy.
We Don’t Like
  • Comparatively Poor Liquidity. Many markets suffer from much poorer liquidity than at main rivals, Betfair.
  • Limited Sports Streaming. Away from horse and greyhound racing, no live streams are available to view.
  • Puzzling In-Play Dashboards. For some reason, only some in-play dashboards provide live scoreboards or other graphics.

If you’re looking for an online betting exchange, you only really have Betdaq and main rivals Betfair to choose from. Betdaq are unquestionably the smaller of the two and as such, cannot offer the liquidity of their larger competitor. Issues with their in-play dashboards and live streaming services will also put off some potential customers. A good range of available markets and some innovative promotions, however, help to make Betdaq a generally very reasonable option. Star Rating 3.0 out of 5.0.

T&C's apply, 18+ new customers only.